OVO Egypt produces premium products that enjoy a long shelf-life, higher hygiene levels, greater storage convenience, and tailored product specifications for specific usages to various business segments.
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Restaurants, Caterers and Cafes


Chefs today have got some tasty tricks up their sleeves that help develop or elevate the taste, texture and look of dishes. Their elegance comes from the most essential and common ingredient – the egg. For every restaurant, café or a catering company, it’s the main character at breakfast and the grand finishing of a specialty dish.

OVO Egypt understands that eggs are not just a commodity ingredient, but rather the truly crucial ingredient that unites so many cooking processes for your business. Whether you are preparing your signature pasta, soft scrambled eggs, healthy salad, fresh sandwich, specialty sauce or your favorite soufflé, we got you sorted with the highest quality of a living ingredient that interact in your cooking.
Our pasteurized eggs also come with an economical value of long shelf life, convenient packaging for storage, and variety of offerings that create value for your business.

Just leave the hassle and mess of cracking eggs behind, with OVO Egypt’s quick and convenient pasteurized egg products, food preparations becomes simple. Our eggs are meticulously pasteurized and packed to eliminate any levels of Salmonella bacteria that can cause severe food poisoning. We are responsible for your ingredient safety to ensure the eggs you serve meet due diligence requirements.

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