OVO Egypt produces premium products that enjoy a long shelf-life, higher hygiene levels, greater storage convenience, and tailored product specifications for specific usages to various business segments.
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37 Polaris International Industrial Parks,

6th of October City, Giza, Egypt.



Producing breads, sweet goods, cakes, cookies, donuts, muffins, croissant, and healthy snack bars with a great volume and light textures is attributed to eggs, specifically egg yolks and egg whites.


With consumers now expecting out of the ordinary tasty foods all year round, your food supply chain efficiency is becoming inevitable. Choosing the right supplier, the right ingredient and sustainable relationship significantly impact your business profitability.


We understand that your hotel food and beverages needs vary from breakfast to dinner, banquets, catering, restaurants, and conference and we offer you and every chef the food you use daily.


Chefs today have got some tasty tricks up their sleeves that help develop or elevate the taste, texture and look of dishes. Their elegance comes from the most essential and common ingredient – the egg. For every restaurant, café or a catering company, it’s the main character at breakfast and the grand finishing of a specialty dish.


This truly crucial ingredient that unites so many cooking processes for your recipe comes in different forms and packages to accommodate your needs. We offer a variety of premium and standard products in chilled or frozen forms, in addition to salted, sugared applications each product come with its unique advantages and nutritional value.


Whether you are preparing your pasta, breads, pastry, ice cream or even your own mayonnaise sauce, we got you sorted with our liquid egg yolk products. A natural product that adds richness to everything you produce.


Beyond taste, we offer a complete and tailored sensory experience, a real egg whites product with recognizable smell and texture. Our egg whites are high in protein without carbohydrates or sugar that easily blend with other ingredients or served as white omelets.



In addition to establishing a state of the art manufacturing facility, we also designed efficient production processes that allow us to produce premium high quality products that meet international quality standards. We acquired the global certifications and practices for quality controls and assurances.

We guarantee freshness, consistency in taste and food safety of our products with the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and processing standards. Our pasteurized egg products come in premium packages with reliable quality assurance, food safety and free from any bacteria.