OVO Egypt produces premium products that enjoy a long shelf-life, higher hygiene levels, greater storage convenience, and tailored product specifications for specific usages to various business segments.
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Food Safety


We apply the highest standard for food handling controls throughout the food supply chain related to suppliers in sourcing, production process, delivery and recall of our products. Our food handlers follow firm hygiene measures to maintain the highest level of food safety and consistent quality.

Supplier Management

Starting from farmers and suppliers’ selection, our food safety procedures cover our entire supply chain. We follow firm and well defined auditing processes to ensure we source safe and high quality raw materials and eggs. Quality checks on the management and care of the animal is handled by experienced and trained personnel that constantly check the environmental values, welfare, feeding and health of the laying hens.

Factory Premises

Our premise is suited in an environment to minimize the risk of products contamination with appropriate electrical supply, lighting, temperature, humidity and ventilation. It is designed and equipped to afford maximum protection against the entry of any bacteria or insects with a logical flow of materials and personnel. OVO Egypt’s factory is divided into different risk zones with limited access to unauthorized personnel in areas of production, storage and quality control. All materials and tools used are antibacterial in addition to sanitation products distributed across all areas to maintain the highest hygiene levels.


To ensure our raw materials, packaging and finished products are safe, with no contaminants or residues, and to provide accurate nutritional information, we built an accredited state of the art laboratory to conduct analytical chemistry and food nutrition analysis as well as food microbiology, food allergen, and sensory testing. Our Laboratory provides critical data on the raw materials, production process, and finished product quality to enhance our traceability and to maintain our quality control systems.

Storage & Transportation

Delivering our products in optimum condition is extremely vital to us and to our customers. We practice the highest level of packaging, storing and transportation techniques and ensure that products remain at the safe temperatures throughout the process. During storage and transportation, we carefully monitor the temperature minute by minute till it reaches our customers.
Whether chilled or frozen, when products are released from the factory, they are transported in vehicles that are equipped with fridges and freezers to maintain the safe temperature throughout the delivery process.

Food Labeling

All our product labeling include general information requirements, and clearly highlights country or origin, product batch codes, dates of production and expiry, food allergies and intolerance, detailed ingredients list, nutritional value, health and related claims, and weights, packages measures and legibility.

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