OVO Egypt produces premium products that enjoy a long shelf-life, higher hygiene levels, greater storage convenience, and tailored product specifications for specific usages to various business segments.
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37 Polaris International Industrial Parks, North Extensions, 6th of October City,

Giza, Egypt.


Our Philosophy


Health and Safety

We create a food safety culture and abide by it everyday! Every employee goes beyond the call of duty to the highest level of health and food safety.

Sustainable Quality

Every stage of our supply chain is carefully monitored and tested, while adopting the highest operational standards and abiding to international certification requirements.

Customer Commitment

We believe in the notion that customers are at the heart of our business. With open communication, transparency, commitment and continuous relationship building, we create a real partnership with our customers that help their business to strive and proposer. We foster empathic behavior for our customer needs as an important success factor for our customer commitment.


We flexibly adapt to our customers’ unique business needs and produce customized products, based on each customer requirements.


We are determined to deliver and hold ourselves responsible for our actions. It is more than just doing our job; it is all about pursuing excellence, empowerment and doing what is right to achieve the objectives of our organization. We embrace the input of our teams and clients and encourage open discussions for new ideas to achieve results and deliver what we are committed to.


Ethics is the foundation of our organization. We act with integrity in a consistent manner in all our actions towards our country and areas where we operate to govern our success and leadership. We show respect and value individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences and ways of doing things. We believe that listening with a positive intent is a key approach towards integral behavior.

Honor Society

We create value for our society by producing healthy and safe foods. In addition, to our core business line, we also tackle humanitarian and environmental issues. All raw materials are well matched with environments regulations. Product packages reduce overall carbon footprint and are easily dispensed. We also practice waste recycling, waste water treatment and prevent emission.

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