OVO Egypt produces premium products that enjoy a long shelf-life, higher hygiene levels, greater storage convenience, and tailored product specifications for specific usages to various business segments.
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Changing the Business Landscape with Fully Automated Egg Processing

The launch of OVO Egypt’s new fully automated egg processing facility in Cairo is expected to change the business landscape in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Powered by SANOVO technology inside, this young liquid egg processing company has already set a new benchmark in the market with its world-class factory infrastructure, latest technology, and strong brand operations.

The company aims to expand its product portfolio to cater to food manufacturers, hotels, and the retail sector in the region. Leveraging advanced tools and equipment, it produces and supplies high-quality, customized egg products with long shelf lives, while preserving their natural and functional properties.


Capitalizing on the egg market potential of Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa

OVO Egypt underwent a rigorous process from ideation to market assessment to investment case development and capital funding. The investment companies behind OVO Egypt saw an opportunity to set a new benchmark in the industry and seized it. “With the latest technology and resources, we aim to penetrate the market with customized products that cater to each customer’s specific requirements and business needs, while meeting international standards” states Mohamed Fares, OVO Egypt Chairman and CEO.

Selecting the right supplier for technology and equipment was essential to their success. After evaluating several well-known suppliers, SANOVO emerged as the clear choice for investors, thanks to its superior technical capabilities. “We saw that the chemistry between our teams, the partnership attitude, and the expertise were the key success factors of this project” explains Mohamed Fares.


Building a liquid egg processing business from the ground up

OVO Egypt and SANOVO’s partnership began as soon as the contract was signed. Working together, they designed and built a factory that can process 560,000 eggs per eight-hour shift, producing around 29 tons of liquid egg products, including whole egg, egg yolk, egg white, and other customized products.

With an OptiBreaker 6 Plus line, the separation of liquid egg achieves a high yield, an incomparable egg white quality, and an extraordinary hygienic level through automated CIP (cleaning-in-place). From there, the different liquids (yolk, albumen, whole egg) flow into three tanks, each with a capacity of 12,000L to prepare the high-quality egg products.

Modern mix-proof valves, controlled by the central SCADA system, administer the distribution of the liquid egg from the tanks and cleaning of the pipes, avoiding cross-contamination of the valuable products and providing detailed production reports.

The design of the pasteurization plant gives full flexibility and handles all kinds of egg products, from high-viscosity liquids to extended-shelf-life liquids. Due to the full automation, the plant achieves a long running time at the lowest possible CIP costs.

When the product comes from the pasteurization plant it is ready for shipment. The final liquid is filled by a robotic arm into aseptic bags in boxes and portable containers in a highly automated, hygienic procedure.


Kick-off for production

After commissioning, training of the facility staff, initial operation, and expert support for fine-tuning and machine adjustments, Egypt’s most modern liquid egg processing business is ready to serve its customers – and already making new plans. “Our plan is to dedicate 50% of our capacity to feed our egg powder dryer planned for phase two” says Mohamed Fares.

Mr. Fares emphasizes the importance of the market dynamics and continues: “It is the nature of this business, that R&D and food engineering experience and technology specialists are extremely important parameters. In countries like Egypt, and many other, this is highly needed to differentiate us from our competition”.

As Mr. Fares highlighted in the beginning, good chemistry and partnership attitude is vital for business success. We value the close relationship with OVO Egypt that is based on mutual trust and respect which turned this project into the success story that it is today.

Check out OVO Egypt’s website to learn about the great products they are producing: https://ovoegypt.com/